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Amherst Arms BobCats

Amherst Arms and Supply takes pride in introducing children to the outdoors and shooting sports. We have an excellent youth archery program that has harnessed young shooters abilities. Our shooter's have competed on the regional, state, and even world level competitions. Amherst Arms individual young shooters have steadily improved their shooting scores in competition exponentially after joining our program. Our goal is to create lifetime shooters that will keep the sport alive for future generations. To Achieve our goal Amherst Arms has created a youth archery team that competes on local state and national stages! The Amherst Arms Bobcats youth archery team has not only produced champion caliber shooters, but also has instilled a love for the outdoors and archery in our local shooters. If you are interested in receiving more information about our youth archery team please contact our store!

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