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Gunsmith Services List

Below is a list of various gunsmithing services offered by Amherst Arms and Supply. Notice these services are not the only services provided by our Gunsmithing Department. For specific jobs call for more informations. Amherst Arms provides many services that are not included on the list below.

Refinish (Hydro Dipping) Various Designes

Refinish (Stainless) Matte or Polished

Refinish (All Stock Wood Work) Various Methods and Styles AVailable

Refinish (Nickel)

Refinish (Cerakote) Various Colors

Refinish (Parkerizing)

Refinish (Blueing)

Bead Blast

Metal Pit Removal

Ejection Port Adjustment

Safety Installation & Testing

Beavertail Installation

Bevel Magazine Weld

Sight Installation

Swivel Instalation

Re-crowning Barrel

Trigger Adjustment

Recoil Pad Installation

Polish Chamber

Glass Bed Action

Removing Live Round

Test Fire


Assembly & Safety Check

Drill & Tap

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